(Allegato 1)
                                                           Allegato 1 
SH1 Markets, Individuals and  Institutions:  Economics,  finance  and
SH1 1 Macroeconomics; development economics; economic growth 
SH1 2 International  trade;  international  business;   international
SH1 3 Financial economics; monetary economics 
SH1 4 Banking; corporate finance; international finance;  accounting;
        auditing; insurance 
SH1 5 Labour economics; human resource management 
SH1 6 Econometrics; operations research 
SH1 7 Behavioural economics; experimental economics; neuro-economics 
SH1 8 Microeconomics; game theory 
SH1 9 Marketing 
SH1 10 Management; organisational behaviour; operations management 
SH1 11 Industrial organisation; strategy; entrepreneurship 
SH1 12 Technological change, innovation, research & development 
SH1 13 Public economics; political economics; law and economics 
SH1 14 History of economic thought;  quantitative  economic  history;
        institutional economics; economic systems 
SH2 The Social World, Diversity, Institutions and Values:  Sociology,
        political science, law, communication, education 
SH2 1 Social structure, social mobility 
SH2 2 Social inequalities, social exclusion, social integration 
SH2 3 Diversity and identities, gender, interethnic relations 
SH2 4 Social policies, educational policies, welfare 
SH2 5 Democratisation, social movements 
SH2 6 Political systems, governance 
SH2 7 Conflict and conflict resolution, violence 
SH2 8 Legal studies, constitutions, comparative law 
SH2 9 Human rights 
SH2 10 International relations, global and transnational governance 
SH2 11 Communication and information, networks, media 
SH3 Environment,  Space  and  Population:   Sustainability   science,
        demography, geography, regional studies and planning, science
        and technology studies 
SH3 1 Sustainability sciences, environment and resources 
SH3 2 Environmental and climate change, societal impact 
SH3 3 Environmental and climate policy 
SH3 4 Population dynamics; households, family and fertility 
SH3 5 Health, ageing and society 
SH3 6 Transportation and logistics, tourism 
SH3 7 Spatial development, land use, regional planning 
SH3 8 Urban, regional and rural studies 
SH3 9 Human, social and economic geography 
SH3 10 Geographic information systems, spatial data analysis 
SH3 11 Social studies of science and technology 
SH4 The Human Mind and Its Complexity: Cognitive science, psychology,
        linguistics, philosophy of mind, education 
SH4 1 Human development and its disorders; comparative cognition 
SH4 2 Personality and social cognition; emotion 
SH4 3 Clinical and health psychology 
SH4 4 Neuropsychology 
SH4 5 Attention, perception, action, consciousness 
SH4 6 Learning, memory; ageing 
SH4 7 Reasoning, decision-making; intelligence 
SH4 8 Language learning and processing (first and second languages) 
SH4 9 Theoretical linguistics; computational linguistics 
SH4 10 Language typology 
SH4 11 Pragmatics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis 
SH4 12 Philosophy of mind, philosophy of language 
SH4 13 Philosophy of science, epistemology and logic 
SH4 14 Teaching and learning 
SH5 Cultures and Cultural Production: Literature, philology, cultural
        studies, anthropology, arts, philosophy 
SH5 1 Classics, ancient literature and art 
SH5 2 Theory and history of literature, comparative literature 
SH5 3 Philology and palaeography; historical linguistics 
SH5 4 Visual and performing arts, design, arts-based research 
SH5 5 Music and musicology; history of music 
SH5 6 History of art and architecture 
SH5 7 Museums, exhibitions, conservation and restoration 
SH5 8 Cultural studies, symbolic representation, religious studies 
SH5 9 Social anthropology, myth, ritual, kinship 
SH5 10 Cultural heritage, cultural identities and memories 
SH5 11 Metaphysics, philosophical anthropology; aesthetics 
SH5 12 Ethics; social and political philosophy 
SH5 13 History of philosophy 
SH6 The Study of the Human Past: Archaeology and history 
SH6 1 Historiography, theory and methods of history 
SH6 2 Archaeology, archaeometry, landscape archaeology 
SH6 3 Prehistory, palaeoanthropology, palaeodemography, protohistory 
SH6 4 Ancient history 
SH6 5 Medieval history 
SH6 6 Early modern history 
SH6 7 Modern and contemporary history 
SH6 8 Colonial and post-colonial history 
SH6 9 Global history,  transnational  history,  comparative  history,
        entangled histories 
SH6 10 Social and economic history 
SH6 11 Gender history 
SH6 12 History of ideas, intellectual history, history of science and
SH6 13 Cultural  history,  history  of  collective   identities   and
PE1 Mathematics: All areas of mathematics,  pure  and  applied,  plus
        mathematical foundations of  computer  science,  mathematical
        physics and statistics 
PE1 1 Logic and foundations 
PE1 2 Algebra 
PE1 3 Number theory 
PE1 4 Algebraic and complex geometry 
PE1 5 Geometry 
PE1 6 Topology 
PE1 7 Lie groups, Lie algebras 
PE1 8 Analysis 
PE1 9 Operator algebras and functional analysis 
PE1 10 ODE and dynamical systems 
PE1 11 Theoretical aspects of partial differential equations 
PE1 12 Mathematical physics 
PE1 13 Probability 
PE1 14 Statistics 
PE1 15 Discrete mathematics and combinatorics 
PE1 16 Mathematical aspects of computer science 
PE1 17 Numerical analysis 
PE1 18 Scientific computing and data processing 
PE1 19 Control theory and optimisation 
PE1 20 Application of mathematics in sciences 
PE1 21 Application of mathematics in industry and society 
PE2 Fundamental Constituents of Matter:  Particle,  nuclear,  plasma,
        atomic, molecular, gas, and optical physics 
PE2 1 Fundamental interactions and fields 
PE2 2 Particle physics 
PE2 3 Nuclear physics 
PE2 4 Nuclear astrophysics 
PE2 5 Gas and plasma physics 
PE2 6 Electromagnetism 
PE2 7 Atomic, molecular physics 
PE2 8 Ultra-cold atoms and molecules 
PE2 9 Optics, non-linear optics and nano-optics 
PE2 10 Quantum optics and quantum information 
PE2 11 Lasers, ultra-short lasers and laser physics 
PE2 12 Acoustics 
PE2 13 Relativity 
PE2 14 Thermodynamics 
PE2 15 Non-linear physics 
PE2 16 General physics 
PE2 17 Metrology and measurement 
PE2 18 Statistical physics (gases) 
PE3 Condensed  Matter  Physics:  Structure,  electronic   properties,
        fluids, nanosciences, biophysics 
PE3 1 Structure of solids and liquids 
PE3 2 Mechanical  and  acoustical  properties  of  condensed  matter,
        Lattice dynamics 
PE3 3 Transport properties of condensed matter 
PE3 4 Electronic  properties  of  materials,  surfaces,   interfaces,
        nanostructures, etc. 
PE3 5 Semiconductors  and  insulators:  material   growth,   physical
PE3 6 Macroscopic     quantum      phenomena:      superconductivity,
        superfluidity, etc. 
PE3 7 Spintronics 
PE3 8 Magnetism and strongly correlated systems 
PE3 9 Condensed matter - beam interactions (photons, electrons, etc.) 
PE3 10 Nanophysics:  nanoelectronics,  nanophotonics,  nanomagnetism,
        nanoelectromechanics, etc. 
PE3 11 Mesoscopic physics 
PE3 12 Molecular electronics 
PE3 13 Structure and dynamics  of  disordered  systems:  soft  matter
        (gels, colloids, liquid crystals,  etc.),  glasses,  defects,
PE3 14 Fluid dynamics (physics) 
PE3 15 Statistical   physics:   phase    transitions,    noise    and
        fluctuations, models of complex systems, etc. 
PE3 16 Physics of biological systems 
PE4 Physical and Analytical Chemical Sciences: Analytical  chemistry,
        chemical theory, physical chemistry/chemical physics 
PE4 1 Physical chemistry 
PE4 2 Spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques 
PE4 3 Molecular architecture and Structure 
PE4 4 Surface science and nanostructures 
PE4 5 Analytical chemistry 
PE4 6 Chemical physics 
PE4 7 Chemical instrumentation 
PE4 8 Electrochemistry, electrodialysis, microfluidics, sensors 
PE4 9 Method development in chemistry 
PE4 10 Heterogeneous catalysis 
PE4 11 Physical chemistry of biological systems 
PE4 12 Chemical  reactions:  mechanisms,   dynamics,   kinetics   and
        catalytic reactions 
PE4 13 Theoretical and computational chemistry 
PE4 14 Radiation and Nuclear chemistry 
PE4 15 Photochemistry 
PE4 16 Corrosion 
PE4 17 Characterisation methods of materials 
PE4 18 Environment chemistry 
PE5 Synthetic   Chemistry   and   Materials:   Materials   synthesis,
        structure-properties  relations,  functional   and   advanced
        materials, molecular architecture, organic chemistry 
PE5 1 Structural properties of materials 
PE5 2 Solid state materials 
PE5 3 Surface modification 
PE5 4 Thin films 
PE5 5 Ionic liquids 
PE5 6 New materials:  oxides,  alloys,  composite,  organic-inorganic
        hybrid, nanoparticles 
PE5 7 Biomaterials, biomaterials synthesis 
PE5 8 Intelligent materials - self assembled materials 
PE5 9 Coordination chemistry 
PE5 10 Colloid chemistry 
PE5 11 Biological chemistry 
PE5 12 Chemistry of condensed matter 
PE5 13 Homogeneous catalysis 
PE5 14 Macromolecular chemistry 
PE5 15 Polymer chemistry 
PE5 16 Supramolecular chemistry 
PE5 17 Organic chemistry 
PE5 18 Molecular chemistry 
PE5 19 Combinatorial chemistry 
PE6 Computer Science and  Informatics:  Informatics  and  information
        systems, computer science, scientific computing,  intelligent
PE6 1 Computer   architecture,   pervasive   computing,    ubiquitous
PE6 2 Computer   systems,   parallel/distributed   systems,    sensor
        networks, embedded systems, cyber-physical systems 
PE6 3 Software engineering, operating systems, computer languages 
PE6 4 Theoretical  computer  science,  formal  methods,  and  quantum
PE6 5 Cryptology, security, privacy, quantum crypto 
PE6 6 Algorithms,  distributed,  parallel  and  network   algorithms,
        algorithmic game theory 
PE6 7 Artificial  intelligence,  intelligent  systems,  multi   agent
PE6 8 Computer graphics, computer vision, multi media, computer games 
PE6 9 Human computer interaction  and  interface,  visualisation  and
        natural language processing 
PE6 10 Web and information  systems,  database  systems,  information
        retrieval and digital libraries, data fusion 
PE6 11 Machine learning, statistical data processing and applications
        using signal processing (e.g. speech, image, video) 
PE6 12 Scientific computing, simulation and modelling tools 
PE6 13 Bioinformatics,   biocomputing,   and   DNA   and    molecular
PE7 Systems and Communication  Engineering:  Electrical,  electronic,
        communication, optical and systems engineering 
PE7 1 Control engineering 
PE7 2 Electrical engineering: power components and/or systems 
PE7 3 Simulation engineering and modelling 
PE7 4 (Micro and nano) systems engineering 
PE7 5 (Micro  and  nano)  electronic,  optoelectronic  and   photonic
PE7 6 Communication technology, high-frequency technology 
PE7 7 Signal processing 
PE7 8 Networks (communication networks, sensor networks, networks  of
        robots, etc.) 
PE7 9 Man-machine-interfaces 
PE7 10 Robotics 
PE7 11 Components and systems for  applications  (in  e.g.  medicine,
        biology, environment) 
PE7 12 Electrical energy production, distribution, application 
PE8 Products  and  Processes  Engineering:  Product  design,  process
        design and control, construction methods, civil  engineering,
        energy processes, material engineering 
PE8 1 Aerospace engineering 
PE8 2 Chemical engineering, technical chemistry 
PE8 3 Civil     engineering,     architecture,     maritime/hydraulic
        engineering, geotechnics, waste treatment 
PE8 4 Computational engineering 
PE8 5 Fluid mechanics, hydraulic-, turbo-, and piston engines 
PE8 6 Energy processes engineering 
PE8 7 Mechanical and manufacturing  engineering  (shaping,  mounting,
        joining, separation) 
PE8 8 Materials engineering (metals, ceramics, polymers,  composites,
PE8 9 Production technology, process engineering 
PE8 10 Industrial design  (product  design,  ergonomics,  man-machine
        interfaces, etc.) 
PE8 11 Sustainable   design   (for   recycling,   for    environment,
PE8 12 Lightweight construction, textile technology 
PE8 13 Industrial bioengineering 
PE9 Universe Sciences: Astro-physics/chemistry/biology; solar system;
        stellar,  galactic  and  extragalactic  astronomy,  planetary
        systems, cosmology, space science, instrumentation 
PE9 1 Solar and interplanetary physics 
PE9 2 Planetary systems sciences 
PE9 3 Interstellar medium 
PE9 4 Formation of stars and planets 
PE9 5 Astrobiology 
PE9 6 Stars and stellar systems 
PE9 7 The Galaxy 
PE9 8 Formation and evolution of galaxies 
PE9 9 Clusters of galaxies and large scale structures 
PE9 10 High energy and particles astronomy  -  X-rays,  cosmic  rays,
        gamma rays, neutrinos 
PE9 11 Relativistic astrophysics 
PE9 12 Dark matter, dark energy 
PE9 13 Gravitational astronomy 
PE9 14 Cosmology 
PE9 15 Space Sciences 
PE9 16 Very large data bases: archiving, handling and analysis 
PE9 17 Instrumentation - telescopes, detectors and techniques 
PE10 Earth System Science: Physical geography,  geology,  geophysics,
        atmospheric sciences,  oceanography,  climatology,  cryology,
        ecology, global environmental change, biogeochemical  cycles,
        natural resources management 
PE10 1 Atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric composition, air pollution 
PE10 2 Meteorology, atmospheric physics and dynamics 
PE10 3 Climatology and climate change 
PE10 4 Terrestrial ecology, land cover change 
PE10 5 Geology, tectonics, volcanology 
PE10 6 Palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology 
PE10 7 Physics of earth's interior, seismology, volcanology 
PE10 8 Oceanography (physical, chemical, biological, geological) 
PE10 9 Biogeochemistry,    biogeochemical    cycles,    environmental
PE10 10 Mineralogy,   petrology,   igneous   petrology,   metamorphic
PE10 11 Geochemistry,  crystal   chemistry,   isotope   geochemistry,
PE10 12 Sedimentology, soil science, palaeontology, earth evolution 
PE10 13 Physical geography 
PE10 14 Earth observations from space/remote sensing 
PE10 15 Geomagnetism, palaeomagnetism 
PE10 16 Ozone, upper atmosphere, ionosphere 
PE10 17 Hydrology, water and soil pollution 
PE10 18 Cryosphere,  dynamics  of  snow  and  ice  cover,  sea   ice,
        permafrosts and ice sheets 
LS1 Molecular and  Structural  Biology  and  Biochemistry:  Molecular
        synthesis,  modification   and   interaction,   biochemistry,
        biophysics,   structural    biology,    metabolism,    signal
LS1 1 Molecular interactions 
LS1 2 General biochemistry and metabolism 
LS1 3 DNA  synthesis,   modification,   repair,   recombination   and
LS1 4 RNA synthesis, processing, modification and degradation 
LS1 5 Protein synthesis, modification and turnover 
LS1 6 Lipid synthesis, modification and turnover 
LS1 7 Carbohydrate synthesis, modification and turnover 
LS1 8 Biophysics   (e.g.   transport    mechanisms,    bioenergetics,
LS1 9 Structural biology (crystallography and EM) 
LS1 10 Structural biology (NMR) 
LS1 11 Biochemistry and molecular mechanisms of signal transduction 
LS2 Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology: Molecular
        and   population   genetics,    genomics,    transcriptomics,
        proteomics,   metabolomics,   bioinformatics,   computational
        biology, biostatistics, biological modelling and  simulation,
        systems biology, genetic epidemiology 
LS2 1 Genomics, comparative genomics, functional genomics 
LS2 2 Transcriptomics 
LS2 3 Proteomics 
LS2 4 Metabolomics 
LS2 5 Glycomics 
LS2 6 Molecular genetics, reverse genetics and RNAi 
LS2 7 Quantitative genetics 
LS2 8 Epigenetics and gene regulation 
LS2 9 Genetic epidemiology 
LS2 10 Bioinformatics 
LS2 11 Computational biology 
LS2 12 Biostatistics 
LS2 13 Systems biology 
LS2 14 Biological systems analysis, modelling and simulation 
LS3 Cellular  and   Developmental   Biology:   Cell   biology,   cell
        physiology, signal transduction, organogenesis, developmental
        genetics, pattern formation in plants and animals, stem  cell
LS3 1 Morphology and functional imaging of cells 
LS3 2 Cell biology and molecular transport mechanisms 
LS3 3 Cell cycle and division 
LS3 4 Apoptosis 
LS3 5 Cell differentiation, physiology and dynamics 
LS3 6 Organelle biology 
LS3 7 Cell signalling and cellular interactions 
LS3 8 Signal transduction 
LS3 9 Development,  developmental  genetics,  pattern  formation  and
        embryology in animals 
LS3 10 Development, developmental  genetics,  pattern  formation  and
        embryology in plants 
LS3 11 Cell genetics 
LS3 12 Stem cell biology 
LS4 Physiology, Pathophysiology and Endocrinology: Organ  physiology,
        pathophysiology,    endocrinology,    metabolism,     ageing,
        tumorigenesis, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome 
LS4 1 Organ physiology and pathophysiology 
LS4 2 Comparative physiology and pathophysiology 
LS4 3 Endocrinology 
LS4 4 Ageing 
LS4 5 Metabolism, biological basis of metabolism related disorders 
LS4 6 Cancer and its biological basis 
LS4 7 Cardiovascular diseases 
LS4 8 Non-communicable  diseases  (except   for   neural/psychiatric,
        immunity-related, metabolism-related  disorders,  cancer  and
        cardiovascular diseases) 
LS5 Neurosciences and Neural Disorders:  Neurobiology,  neuroanatomy,
        neurophysiology,      neurochemistry,      neuropharmacology,
        neuroimaging,   systems   neuroscience,   neurological    and
        psychiatric disorders 
LS5 1 Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology 
LS5 2 Molecular and cellular neuroscience 
LS5 3 Neurochemistry and neuropharmacology 
LS5 4 Sensory systems (e.g. visual system, auditory system) 
LS5 5 Mechanisms of pain 
LS5 6 Developmental neurobiology 
LS5 7 Cognition (e.g. learning, memory, emotions, speech) 
LS5 8 Behavioural   neuroscience    (e.g.    sleep,    consciousness,
LS5 9 Systems neuroscience 
LS5 10 Neuroimaging and computational neuroscience 
LS5 11 Neurological disorders (e.g. Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's
        disease, Parkinson's disease) 
LS5 12 Psychiatric disorders (e.g. schizophrenia, autism,  Tourette's
        syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression,  bipolar
        disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) 
LS6 Immunity and Infection: The immune system and related  disorders,
        infectious agents and diseases, prevention and  treatment  of
LS6 1 Innate immunity and inflammation 
LS6 2 Adaptive immunity 
LS6 3 Phagocytosis and cellular immunity 
LS6 4 Immunosignalling 
LS6 5 Immunological memory and tolerance 
LS6 6 Immunogenetics 
LS6 7 Microbiology 
LS6 8 Virology 
LS6 9 Bacteriology 
LS6 10 Parasitology 
LS6 11 Prevention and  treatment  of  infection  by  pathogens  (e.g.
        vaccination, antibiotics, fungicide) 
LS6 12 Biological  basis  of   immunity   related   disorders   (e.g.
LS6 13 Veterinary medicine and infectious diseases in animals 
LS7 Diagnostic  Tools,  Therapies  and  Public   Health:   Aetiology,
        diagnosis  and   treatment   of   disease,   public   health,
        epidemiology, pharmacology, clinical  medicine,  regenerative
        medicine, medical ethics 
LS7 1 Medical engineering and technology 
LS7 2 Diagnostic tools (e.g. genetic, imaging) 
LS7 3 Pharmacology, pharmacogenomics, drug discovery and design, drug
LS7 4 Analgesia and Surgery 
LS7 5 Toxicology 
LS7 6 Gene therapy, cell therapy, regenerative medicine 
LS7 7 Radiation therapy 
LS7 8 Health services, health care research 
LS7 9 Public health and epidemiology 
LS7 10 Environment and health risks, occupational medicine 
LS7 11 Medical ethics 
LS8 Evolutionary, Population and  Environmental  Biology:  Evolution,
        ecology, animal behaviour, population biology,  biodiversity,
        biogeography,  marine   biology,   ecotoxicology,   microbial
LS8 1 Ecology (theoretical and experimental; population, species  and
        community level) 
LS8 2 Population biology, population dynamics, population genetics 
LS8 3 Systems  evolution,   biological   adaptation,   phylogenetics,
        systematics, comparative biology 
LS8 4 Biodiversity,  conservation  biology,  conservation   genetics,
        invasion biology 
LS8 5 Evolutionary  biology:  evolutionary  ecology   and   genetics,
LS8 6 Biogeography, macro-ecology 
LS8 7 Animal behaviour 
LS8 8 Environmental and marine biology 
LS8 9 Environmental toxicology at the population and ecosystems level 
LS8 10 Microbial ecology and evolution 
LS8 11 Species interactions (e.g. food-webs,  symbiosis,  parasitism,
LS9 Applied Life  Sciences  and  Non-Medical  Biotechnology:  Applied
        plant  and  animal   sciences;   food   sciences;   forestry;
        industrial, environmental  and  non-medical  biotechnologies,
        bioengineering; synthetic and chemical biology;  biomimetics;
LS9 1 Non-medical biotechnology and  genetic  engineering  (including
        transgenic  organisms,  recombinant   proteins,   biosensors,
        bioreactors, microbiology) 
LS9 2 Synthetic biology, chemical biology and bio-engineering 
LS9 3 Animal  sciences  (including  animal  husbandry,   aquaculture,
        fisheries, animal welfare) 
LS9 4 Plant sciences  (including  crop  production,  plant  breeding,
        agroecology, soil biology) 
LS9 5 Food sciences (including food technology, nutrition) 
LS9 6 Forestry and biomass production (including biofuels) 
LS9 7 Environmental    biotechnology    (including    bioremediation,
LS9 8 Biomimetics 
LS9 9 Biohazards  (including   biological   containment,   biosafety,